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You’re Going Your Own Way!

You’re thoroughly independent, both a creative and a businessperson, and you want to be in charge of publishing your books.

And why shouldn’t you?

As an indie author, you will not need a literary agent … not yet anyway.

Once you’ve established yourself and your books as a self-publishing success, you might need an agent to sell your foreign and other subsidiary rights.

Or, you might later decide to pursue traditional publishing and become a hybrid author. Then you might need an agent to get you a deal.

For now, you’re taking on the role of publisher yourself. You will need to invest time and money into your publishing plan: editing and polishing your manuscript, getting a cover designed, writing back cover copy, figuring out pricing and how to reach the bestseller lists … it’s a lot to do.

I’m Janey Burton, and I’m a Publishing Consultant, Editor and Contracts Negotiator.

I help authors with their writing career, drawing on my experience working at literary agencies and publishers, big and small. I’ve been working in publishing in London since 2006, and I set up my business in 2011.

Here’s my advice: A publisher needs people. Going your own way is one thing, but going it alone is a recipe for loneliness and burnout and, worst of all, sluggish sales.

Surround yourself with the publishing professionals who can help you get where you’re going: an editor, a cover designer, maybe a PR or a Facebook ads specialist. Most helpful of all may be the publishing consultant who can help you set up your team and plan your path to publishing success.

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