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Editor & Contracts Negotiator

Contract Negotiation

Sign an NDA

You’re So Close! You Just Need a Negotiator

Congratulations! You have an offer to publish – that’s fantastic!

All you need is someone to check and negotiate your contract.

You already know an author should never just sign the contract a publisher presents to them. It naturally favours the publisher! You want a contract that’s fair to you.

I’m Janey Burton, and I’m a Publishing Consultant, Editor and Contracts Negotiator.

I help authors with their writing career, drawing on my experience working at literary agencies and publishers, big and small. I’ve been working in publishing in London since 2006, and I set up my business in 2011.

Here’s my advice: You’re in a strong position right now, and it’s essential you don’t fall at this hurdle. You could negotiate the contract yourself, but will you know if you’re asking for the right changes?

If the publisher has offered you an advance, a literary agent might be interested in negotiating the contract for you. In exchange, you’ll pay the agent a commission on your advance and royalties for the life of the book.

Alternatively, if you’d prefer not to pay commission, or if you want to get this paperwork settled in a timely fashion, I can negotiate the contract for you. I know which terms are standard, which can be changed and by how much, so you can feel sure you’ve got the best terms available.

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