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You’re an independent and thoughtful person, and your definition of success for your book is more about its quality than your fame.

You’re interested in traditional publishing but you’re more drawn to being published by a small press or an independent publisher, rather than a Big Five imprint.

And this could be very wise: a small publisher is more able to take risks than one of the corporate publishers, and may give your book more individual attention.

I’m Janey Burton, and I’m a Publishing Consultant, Editor and Contracts Negotiator.

I help authors with their writing career, drawing on my experience working at literary agencies and publishers, big and small. I’ve been working in publishing in London since 2006, and I set up my business in 2011.

Here’s my advice: You could start by submitting to literary agents, to see what reaction you get. But if it proves too difficult to get representation (and it is well known that literary agents are difficult to get) you should know that you often don’t need a literary agent to submit your manuscript or non-fiction proposal to small and independent publishers. They will usually explain their submission guidelines on their website, and you should follow those guidelines closely.

Independent publishers have to operate on very slim margins, though, so they will expect your work to be ready to publish without a great deal of additional work.

This means you need to make sure your manuscript and submission materials are up to scratch. You also need to be submitting to the publishers who are a match for your work.

And I can help you.

You might benefit from a manuscript assessment, which will tell you whether your work is as good as it can be and ready to send to publishers.

Or, if it is ready to publish, in a mini consultation we can buff up your submission materials, check you’ve selected the publishers who will want to see your work on their list, and get you positioned for success.

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