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You’ve finished writing your manuscript – which is a tremendous achievement, by the way – and now you’re looking at the steps you need to take to get it published.

Perhaps you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by all the information out there, all the definitive opinions on the best way to approach publication. You may have heard that a literary agent is the first thing you need, and be wondering how to get one.

But an agent is not necessarily the best person to guide you.

It’s well known that agents are difficult to get, and may not take on many new clients in a given year. And they’re busy, and may not be able to take a new author under their wing and give them all the support they need.

I’m Janey Burton, and I’m a Publishing Consultant, Editor and Contracts Negotiator.

I help authors with their writing career, drawing on my experience working at literary agencies and publishers, big and small. I’ve been working in publishing in London since 2006, and I set up my business in 2011.

Here’s my advice: Don’t pursue finding an agent just yet. Find some guidance and support instead.

One thing that makes a literary agent so valuable to an author is the sense that someone knowledgeable is in your corner and on your side. They are someone who can tell you whether your book is ready to submit to publishers, and they will know which publishers would be a match for your work. They are someone with whom to discuss how your career is going and they will help you plan how to achieve the goals you set yourself.

An author can replicate this kind of value via an ongoing relationship with a consultant like me, who offers the same kind of advice and career support. Best of all, when it really is time for you to find an agent, I can help you do that.

If you’re not sure whether your book is ready to publish, you might benefit from a Manuscript Assessment

If you need more general guidance, you might find my Mini Consultation service helpful.