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You’re Going Straight to the Top!

You’re heading directly to the Big Five publishers for a traditional publishing deal, and nothing is going to stop you!

So, you’re absolutely right: you will need a literary agent.

Most of the Big Five imprints won’t look at unagented submissons, so getting an agent is a necessity for you.

This will require determination and skill, as it well known literary agents are difficult to get. They may not take on many new clients in any given year, and very senior agents may have closed their lists to new clients entirely.

Nevertheless, authors do get chosen from an agent’s submission pile and go on to get great deals with the Big Five.

And if you’re up to the challenge, I can help.

I’m Janey Burton, and I’m a Publishing Consultant, Editor and Contracts Negotiator.

I help authors with their writing career, drawing on my experience working at literary agencies and publishers, big and small. I’ve been working in publishing in London since 2006, and I set up my business in 2011.

Here’s my advice: Before you start submitting your work to literary agents, you need to make sure your manuscript or proposal and your submission materials are up to scratch, and that you’re planning to approach the right agents.

You may find my consultation services helpful (especially if you’ve already started submitting but are getting only form rejections).

We can polish up your pitch together and get you into the best possible position for success!

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